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Inspiring a hands-on connection with nature

Welcome to Friends Forest Nurseries.

It is not just that we were the first Forest Nurseries in Surrey that makes us special. We also stand out from the crowd because the moment you walk through the door at our nurseries you can feel a buzz, energy and excitement.

Seeing the children at play with our fabulous team you hear laughter and chatter but most of all, you become aware of warmth, happiness and passion for learning about the world we live in.

Children from 3 months regularly enjoy the wonderful countryside around our settings. Children can be found in meadows and woods, away from classrooms, books, computers and the drone of traffic. They are settling in for their latest session in our most inspiring education.

Soon, babies are feeding the ducks and watching for rabbits, toddlers are crunching in leaves and splashing in puddles. In the woods, preschool are flat on their bellies, glued to the grass and giggling; examining a slow worm whilst the teachers field an avalanche of questions. ‘What does it eat? Will it eat me? Where’s its mummy? Does it bite? They gently prod the worm that wriggles for freedom and creates another round of screeches.

Children could be absorbed in a myriad of activities. Listening to stories, cooking, climbing a laurel tree, mud skiing on bottoms, swinging from ropes or whittling sticks. For them, it is just a typical morning at nursery.

It is a pleasure and privilege to be part of this outstanding nursery community. The children and staffs excel in so many areas, but it is their good humour, enthusiasm and curiosity which never fail to impress. In and out of the classroom we truly maximize each child’s individual potential.

Some parents choose us for our quality care and exceptional teaching. Some want their children to be fit and build stamina, others want us to foster a robust love of the outdoors.

Whatever your priorities are for your child’s care, I hope you will find the information on our website useful; but the best way to experience what Friends Forest Nurseries have to offer is to visit us. We look forward to welcoming you to a show round soon.

What parents say.

‘The nursery is welcoming and my child is very happy. Everyone is positive.’

What Ofsted says.

‘There are excellent opportunities for children to learn how to take care of their own needs.’