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Inspiring a hands-on connection with nature

A Forest School Session

Our preschool forest education is unique in that every child experiences the outdoors all year round. We believe this is the only way to deepen knowledge of the seasons, experience all weathers and appreciate changes in the environment.

We walk a mile to local woodland of which 95 % is off road. This journey is as important as the forest session as it increases stamina, develops a respect for the road and teaches how to behave respectfully in their local community. Sometimes we might just stop in a meadow en route and wallow in buttercups, build a fairy village or fly kites.

At the woods children practice their safety drill then make the fire square together which is the hub of the camp. This takes team work as the logs are heavy; others gather kindling or find a log stump to sit on. The VIP for the day lights the fire with char cloth we made or perhaps a cramp ball found on an ash tree. They are thrilled to see the flashes fly from their ‘sparky stick.’

Once the fire is burning bright and the Kelly Kettle is boiling ready for a warm drink – the children are ready to explore.

They might build fairy houses, climb fallen trees, visit the badger set, jump on mole hills, make a den, swing from a rope in the trees or turn a log and screech wildly at the bug hotel found beneath. Some simply enjoy lying on the ground looking up at the trees or singing round the fire; others help to prepare fireside quesadillas or pop corn for when the others return hungry.

A myriad of activities limited only by their imaginations.

Sessions are from 9.15am to 12.00 noon.