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Inspiring a hands-on connection with nature

Kit List

All children from 3 months old enjoy the great outdoors. We understand the benefits of classrooms with and without walls.

14009A daily trip might mean a walk to the park, library, our gardens, a meadow or woodland. It is therefore vital that children can access their full out door kit every day.

We are a Montessori nursery and as such teach the children practical life skills to enhance independence. Please enable your child’s dressing skills by supplying labelled clothes, velcro fasteners on shoes, no buckles or laces and no dungarees.

Babies & Toddlers

Daily all year round:

  • Labelled bottles with ready prepared milk or measured powder.
  • Labelled nappy cream.
  • Comforter if required.
  • Named trousers, tights or leggings, socks, vest and pants x 2. More if toilet training.
  • Named warm thin layers of under clothing.

Autumn and Winter:

  • Named waterproof outer layers. Only buy all in one suits whilst in nappies; NOT once children are toilet trained.
  • Named snow boots are perfect. If wellies are worn they must be supplied with welly warmers and ski socks.
  • Named winter hats with ear flaps and mittens on elastic.
  • A plastic bag for wet clothing.

Spring and Summer:

  • Named hat.
  • 10 hour sun cream applied by parents prior to arrival (can be purchased at nursery).


Named uniform of polo shirt and sweatshirt is compulsory .

Daily all year round:

  • At least one full change of named clothing. More if toilet training.
  • Spare pants and socks x 3

Autumn and Winter:

  • Named multiple thin warm under layers.
  • Labelled heavy duty waterproof coat and trousers. DO NOT send children in all in ones once toilet trained.
  • Named wellies must be supplied with welly warmers and or ski socks.
  • Named warm waterproof hat with ear flaps.
  • Labelled water proof mittens on elastic.
  • A plastic bag for wet clothing.

Spring and Summer:

  • A named hat (with a back flap if possible).
  • 10 hour suncream applied prior to arrival (can be purchased at nursery).

Friends Day Nursery Ltd accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of personal belongings and items cannot be replaced. If you find an item in your bag that doesn’t belong to you then please return it to a member of staff immediately.