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Inspiring a hands-on connection with nature

Food Glorious Food

Not only is a varied and nutritionally balanced diet vital to every child’s development but meal times should also be happy social occasions chattering with friends. Our delicious meals and approach to meal times ensure any child’s eating habits are developed with patience, understanding and encouragement.

Montessori teaching supports children to be independent. Toddlers choose their own cups and self serve snacks. Pre-school access water from a fountain, lay tables, prepare breakfast and snack and wash up after each meal. Babies enjoy one- on- one cuddles with a bottle and can’t wait to have a spoon of their own for the first time.

Investigating the joy of food is not just kept to meal times. We love to experiment with cooking and tasting too. Children try out new textures, colours and smells as they mix, pour and measure ingredients whilst conversations develop about healthy eating and diets.

What parents say.

‘I am impressed at how my 3 year old has taken to peeling carrots and washing up. Thank you!’

What Ofsted says.

‘Children are well nourished and enjoy healthy, nutritionally balanced meals freshly prepared on site.’

We prepare seasonal menus that are low in salt, sugar and additives but high in vitamins and fibre. Our chefs are skilled at hiding beans and lentils in our sauces and prunes in our chocolate crunchy cake! We protect young teeth by serving bread or cheese after fruit snacks to reduce mouth acid and always offer a protein with fruit to manage ‘sugar highs and lows’ that can affect behaviour.

Our current menus created with parent recipe ideas, are on display and reflect a range of cultures. We provide three meals plus snacks and can cater for most dietary requirements and intolerances.

Formula milk is provided by parents in named bottles. Your baby’s first experiences of food are given a personalised approach. Staffs take your lead and work with you and your baby to move smoothly through to pureed, chopped and then normal food.