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Nursery FAQs

Choosing care for your child is an important decision and you are bound to have many questions.

If you can’t find the information you need please do contact us. 

What are our opening times?

At Ash we are open 7.30am to 6.30pm and at Shere 8.00am to 6.00pm.

Both settings close on bank holidays and 3 days between Christmas and New Year.

We offer full day care all year round. Depending on waiting lists we may on occasion offer limited short day places 8.45 am to 3.45 pm. Full day term time places are only offered as specialised provision for staffs at Ash Manor School.

Why do I need outdoor kit at nursery every day?

Every child from 3 months will regularly be outside or offsite all year round. In heavy rains and high winds we stay inside or we may choose to explore a project indoors. However regular sessions in the countryside, forest, park, library, our gardens, a lunch time cook out or tea time picnic, will take place whenever possible. It is therefore vital that children can access their full out door kit every day.

Do I pay if my child is absent?

Holidays, sickness, bank holidays, Christmas and emergency closure continue to be charged as staffs are paid all year round.

How do I apply for Early Years Free Entitlement for 3&4 year olds?

EYFE is provided as ’15 or 30 free hours’ which we only provide as stretched hours over 52 weeks. In the first instance find out what you are eligible for on the government’s website here.  Tell us what you can claim and we will then provide the necessary forms to claim.

Funded Only sessions in term time are limited and run from 8.45am to 2.45pm with a charge for nursery services. Government guidelines apply. Please ask for more details.

Do you accept F.E.E.T Funding for 2 year olds?

Parents first apply for the funding here and then look for a suitable nursery place.

What are your staff qualifications and ratios?

We take great care to choose caring well educated staff who are professional and conscientious. Our high standards are maintained with regular training and regular reflection so that we can upgrade our practice. We regularly review emergency evacuation procedures, safeguarding, child protection, equality and health and safety issues.

Most staffs are qualified to level 3 and above and each setting will usually have a level 2 or apprentice in training.

Our ratios exceed those laid down in the Children’s Act because we are offsite so often.

How will my family be supported to settle in?

Each child will be offered settling in sessions prior to joining so that you can meet the team and help us learn more about your child’s needs.

Daily feedback will develop relationships especially with your key person. After a few weeks parents are invited to their Family Induction to ensure you and your child are settled and to review our policies and procedures.

How will I be informed about my child’s development?

Your key person will regularly initiate discussions about your child’s development and  you can contribute your thoughts, ideas and needs at any time. In this way you are kept abreast of your child’s progress. Your Key Person will then put the agreed next steps into practice.

Transition meetings are arranged when your child is moving rooms but we will be in regular dialogue about any developmental matters like potty training, weaning, teething, supporting behaviour, etc. You may also request meetings at any time.

Your child’s learning journey of photos, videos, observations and milestones are posted on your private iconnect app that you and your family can see from your phone! This creates memories for you to look back on in years to come. You are encouraged to access your child’s learning journey weekly and also to contribute your own photos and observations of your child’s achievements.

What will happen if someone we don’t know arrives to collect your child?

Parents inform staff if someone else is going to collect their child, giving them a description and assigning a password.

If an unauthorised person arrives to collect then we only release the child to them once the parent has been informed and given their permission. If required we will contact the police if the unknown person is suspected to be an intruder.

If a known person arrives to collect a child but is not in a state deemed suitable to care for a child (e.g. acting violently or under the influence of alcohol or other substances) then we will not release them. Another authorised person will be contacted.

In the event of parental disputes we cannot prevent the child from being collected by one of the parents without a court order.

What happens if I am late collecting?

Should a child not be collected 5 mins after the end of their session a fine of £5 per 5 minutes is charged . After 15 minutes we will make contact with the parent to find out why they are delayed. If necessary we will contact other nominated adults authorised to collect. If unsuccessful in making contact after a period with any authorised adults we will contact the Duty Officer at Children’s Social Care.


When does my child wear the Uniform?

Uniform is vital when we are off site so that we can identify children quickly. It also protects their clothes from the rigors of nursery life. Our uniform consists of polo shirt and sweatshirt and waterproof trousers.

Kit list

It is compulsory in Preschool and will be added to your first month’s fees but is optional for toddlers.

What should my child bring to nursery?

Provide at least one full change of clothes, more if toilet training, in a small named bag with a comforter if required.

A Sun hat for spring/summer; warm waterproof coat, snow boots or wellington boots with ski socks, hat with ear flaps, scarf and gloves for autumn/winter. (See our Forest School Kit List)

Please do not send children in lace up and buckle shoes and clearly label all your child’s belongings with their full name.

What is your policy on suncream?

As we are often out for long periods it is impractical for us to put suncream on each child twice a day. Parents are therefore responsible for applying all day or 10 hour sun cream on their child. Suncream can be purchased at the nursery. Any child without suncream on hot days will stay indoors.

What is included in my fees?

Your fees include all home cooked meals and drinks plus your child’s nappies and wipes . We do not provide formula milk. Please bring your bottles labelled.

Further fee information here.

Not found the answer you were looking for?

Please contact us should you have any questions we haven’t answered here. Better still arrange a visit so that you can sample first hand the excellent service we provide. Don’t just take our word for it, Ofsted says so too!