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Inspiring a hands-on connection with nature

Baby and Toddler Room

All babies need comfort, love and stimulating surroundings. By liaising with you closely; we aim for life at nursery to be a home from home experience.

Our Montessori teaching ensures a multi-sensory environment including heuristic play sessions. These treasure baskets of everyday objects develop and tantalise your child’s curiosity through touch. Babies are encouraged to explore their senses and we enjoy the pleasure and surprise on their faces when they experience the differences between a piece of smooth silk, cold keys or warm wood.

What parents say.

‘ Thank you to everyone who  had a part in changing my daughters nappies, spoon feeding, teaching and helping her become a well rounded little girl.’

What Ofsted says.

‘ Babies enthusiastically take part in sensory play using varied natural materials. Learning through practical, hands on experiences; thoroughly enjoy coming together – squealing in delight and anticipation during singing.’

We help toddlers channel their developing confidence in mobility and speech. They thoroughly enjoy the independence of Montessori’s Practical Life skills; putting on their own coats and shoes or learning to pour so that they can help themselves at the snack bar. They enjoy practicing their new found dexterity by pegging up their baby doll’s washing or squeezing water from container to container with sponges, turkey basters or even a pipette.

Music, song, messy play, movement and stories all contribute to happy and confident individuals. Toilet training normally starts in this room but only when your child is ready and always in discussion with you.

Although our gardens have a rubberised safety surface and Australian sun shades, the children and staffs make full use of their local surroundings. With sturdy ‘off road’ prams and children in full outdoor clothing they enjoy all weathers every day in preparation for Forest School.