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Inspiring a hands-on connection with nature

In Pre-school

It is our belief that children develop best through first-hand experience and our child centred approach builds on what your child already knows and can do.

We achieve a high level of learning by careful listening and observation so that we can successfully provide for each child’s next steps.  Suitable challenges are then offered that not only meet their needs but will also lead to a high degree of motivation and success.

What parents say.

‘Our son has been in such a safe, constructive and happy environment. What fantastic ‘friends’ you have been!’

What Ofsted says.

‘Staffs are skilled at knowing when to let children play and when to step in to extend learning further. Children are heavily involved in making decisions about what they do.’

In one area we might be dancing to Elvis, drawing to Beethoven in another or making a list of vital items for our den made under a table.  Children could be filming friends on their bikes outside or adding painted foot prints to the large floor art project that develops over the week.

We might visit the library, the theatre and local farms or simply laze in a sunny meadow flying kites or picking buttercups. All these activities go above and beyond the national curriculum guidelines.

All learning is encouraged through purposeful play. We develop independent thinking and self discipline in line with the Montessori ethos. This child centred approach builds on what your child already knows and can do.

Above all we love to laugh.